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In addition to our regular "Rovers Revenge" beer from Colchester Brewery, we are very pleased to announce two (yes, two) additional "Beers Of The Week" this week - both from Colchester Brewery:

  • Jack Spitty

  • Sweeny Todd

As with all of our "BOTW", they are delicious, and they sell out fast. When they are gone, they are gone. And with England playing in the quarter finals of Euro 24 AND live cabaret this weekend (David Black, famous Elvis tribute act) - we do not expect them to last too long into next week.

So, which one is best? That is the same as asking a parent which is their favourite child - you don't ask that question, and it doesn't get answered. But the answer we can give is: come along, enjoy the live cabaret and give each beer an equal amount of time, enjoy both of these special beers, direct from Colchester Brewery.

Live cabaret this weekend - David Black is the Elvis tribute

Jack Spitty - by Colchester Brewery

Golden easy drinking summer ale. Full of hop flavour with delicate bitterness and light aroma.

Style: Blonde Ale

Strength: ABV 4.0%

Hops: Bullion, Brewers Gold

Sweeny Todd - by Colchester Brewery

A full flavoured best bitter with a deep red hue. Roasted malt flavours and a subtle dry spiciness provided by crystal rye.

Delicate hop flavours from late additions of U.S Willamette hops.

Style: Red Best Bitter

Strength: ABV 4.2%

Hops: Bramling Cross, Willamette


Visit the Colchester Brewery website: Home – Colchester Brewery


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