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A Grand National sweepstake was run at the Stanway Rivers members bar yesterday. In fact, interest was so good, we managed to run 2 sweepstakes. All horses for both sweepstakes sold out in less than an hour.

We gave prizes for the first four home.

The first four winning horses at Aintree were:

  1. Winner - I Am Maximus (7/1 - joint favourite)

  2. Delta Work (28/1)

  3. Minella Indo (28/1)

  4. Galvin (40/1)

Our winners were:

Sweepstake 1:

  1. Barry The Bat

  2. Barry The Bat

  3. Gary Ennew

  4. Bob Sainty

Sweepstake 2:

  1. Kev Mather

  2. Sharon Blake

  3. Sharon Blake

  4. Bob Ritchie

Our prize money was substantially less than Aintree, our prize money for both sweepstakes was:

  1. £36

  2. £18

  3. £8

  4. £6

Many thanks to all who took part, and many congratulations to our winners.



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